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Montessori concrete – Volume 4

Volume 4: Cosmic Education
von Claus-Dieter Kaul

108 S., DIN A4, farbig, Ideas for Practice


A manual in words and pictures on the basic holistic educational concept of Maria Montessori!

Manual for a holistic way of learning within elementary education

This fourth volume of our handbook series for kindergarten, preschool and primary school explains to educators and teachers the universal curriculum that Maria Montessori has developed as a valid and effective one.

The children must be offered a broad field of education with their questions about what, why and where all things come from. They should understand the world with astonishment, not just learn to classify it. Emotions play a major role in this.

The explorations and classic materials of cosmic education are shown in meaningful colour photos. Explanatory texts show what experiences children can have through natural experiences, cosmic stories and experiments. Even without specific knowledge of Montessori, the exercises and their effects are very easy to understand.

With many game ideas and important activities in the elementary area to discover the world and its connections.

The translator: Penny Mantz

Der Titel ist auch als Download verfügbar: E-Book 093DL

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